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Cumberland Lake Houseboats

Situated in the state of Kentucky, Lake Cumberland has been able to establish itself as a popular tourist attraction and offers an abundance of outdoor pursuits, such as lodging, camping, fishing, houseboat rental, nature watching, as well a numerous other recreational activities.


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The scenic Lake Cumberland offers a shoreline that stretches some 1200 miles, a surface area of 100 square miles, and a lake at 101 miles in length. A man-made reservoir constructed with a primarily intention of flood control and a means of creating hydroelectricity.

The lake offers numerous waterfalls, bays, and magnificent coves to admire or explore, thus an ideal houseboating destination. Pack family and friends onboard and experience an extended cruise on the crystal-clear waters, enjoy some water-sports activities with a ski boat, or just fish for brown trout, crappie, or bass.

Cumberland lake houseboats start out with a modest and still sizable 45 ft model to offer great value, right up to a more luxurious model at 80 ft. Houseboats come outfitted with all creature comforts of home with the additional of such extras as hot tubs, entertainment systems, party tops, water slides, and outdoor grills. Space is on hand to accommodate six to fourteen passengers in comfort.

In addition to water excursions, it’s also an option to venture out on the hiking trails, high rocky cliffs, extensive cave systems, or stop at one of the camp grounds, or mingle in the country side that's crawling with wild life.

Houseboats on Lake Cumberland offer a lot of choices that aren't always on offer with cabin or apartment rentals. Boating packages can give an adrenaline-induced adventure in the peaceful setting and will always be memorable.

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