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Florida Houseboat

A Florida houseboat rental is a great way to experience a family Florida vacation, or a relaxing break with friends. Enjoy a luxury houseboat cruise at several great destinations in Florida, such as St. Johns River, Islamorada – Florida Keys, Sanibel / Captiva Islands – Southwest Florida, and the Suwannee River.

Florida Houseboat rental options –

River Adventures Houseboat Rentals – take a cruise on theSt. Johns River – Palatka, Florida onboard a luxurious 60' cruiser. Space to accommodate 10 adults, and equipped with a fitted kitchen, sundeck, flying bridge, water slide, and gas grill & cooler. Rates vary from $2850 for 7 days, 6 nights during the summer season to $1,125 for 2 days, 1 night or daily rentals at $200 + $75 per hour. Catering, River & Fishing guides and Captains are also offered. River Adventures can be contacted on1-800-OUR-BOAT.

Houseboat Vacations of the Florida Keys, Inc – offers a choice of the four Catamarans – at 42, 44, 55 footers. Florida Keys cruising guide included to show all navigable waters. Each houseboat is equipped with sun decks, gas grills, hot & cold water, swim ladder, TV-DVD player, plus much more. Rental fees range from $1112 to $1350 for 3 days as a minimum (plus extra for each additional day) or $1950 to $2750 weekly. Contact Houseboat Vacation of the Florida Keys on305-664-4009

Holiday Cruise – rental fleet includes the Gibson 41' and 44' Classic model. Explore the tropical paradise of theSanibel / Captiva Islands in Southwest Florida. Each houseboat has accommodation for eight guests, fitted kitchen, patio furniture, fresh water, necessary safety and navigation tools, plus much more. Rates (depends on the model), but an ideal of cost is $1600 to $2000 for 4 days / 3 nights + extra per day or $2400 to $2850 weekly. Contact Holiday Cruise on941-894-4146 or

Miller's Marine and Suwannee Houseboat Rentals – can offer a days cruise on a 44' Houseboat for as low as $132 per day. Cruise theSuwannee River, and visit the Guaranto Springs, Fanning Springs, and Manatee Springs. Contact Miller's Marina on800-458-2628 or352-542-739.

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