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Gibson Houseboats

Gibson houseboats are perfect for anyone looking for plenty of space, comfort, or speed. Gibson houseboats are ideal for cruising in style and comfort. These houseboats can fit the entire family to create a great vacation.

Created in 1968, Gibson set the standard for all houseboats all over. Gibson house boats can fit the entire family easily. These houseboats are fitted and accommodated with the latest technology every year. Starting from one houseboat, Gibson now boast sixteen models; each having its own unique experience. When you hear Gibson the great quality and performance of these houseboats is the first thing that comes to mind.

The Gibson experience is one that provides durability, performance, and comfort that can’t be matched. These houseboats are a great way to keep the family close and have fun. Gibson house boats offer an experience that can’t be beat. Gibson is without a doubt the best in its class. Choosing to buy a Gibson is easy; trying to pick which model to get is the hard part. These boats are built to last for as long as you want a great experience on the water. With thirty-four years of experience in house boating, Gibson houseboats are perfect for anybody.

Gibson has a variety of models to choose from. This can be the hardest part of purchasing a Gibson. All sixteen Gibson models come in a number of styles and sizes. The question is which model is right for you?

First made 34 years ago, the Gibson Standard Series is perfect to start out on. These boats were designed with as much interior space as possible. No matter what your age or your taste the Gibson Standard Series fits everyone and sets the standard for Gibson’s entire fleet.

If you are looking for a combination of performance and comfort than consider the Cabin Yacht. The Cabin Yacht Series has all the comfort of an expensive cruise, but at a price that you can handle. It has more than enough space for the entire family to have a great time and relax. For something a little bit more simple, the Gibson Classic is a great choice. It is a houseboat with everything the Gibson name offers.

Ok, so maybe you are looking for speed and performance. Gibson’s Sport Series is the fastest boat on the market for its class today. The Gibson Sports Series is a combination of houseboat and luxury boat with a whole lot of speed. These boats are capable of holding ten people on the flybridge, with plenty of space for everyone.

For Gibson luxury at its best the Gibson 5000 Series is the icing on the cake. With three different models to choose from in this series, it is the very best Gibson Houseboats has to offer. These massive boats average from about 50 to 59 feet in length. Needless to say there is plenty of room. It doesn’t matter if you are just cruising or entertaining; the Gibson 5000 Series is the ultimate boating experience of its class.

A Gibson houseboat is the complete and ultimate experience no matter where you are.

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