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Lake Powell
View of the unique landscape at Lake Powell, Utah, with its incredibly emerald-hued waters.
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Houseboat Rental - California (CA)

Houseboat rental companies in California (CA) - California Lakes: Lake Shasta

The gorgeous Lake Shasta is situated in northern California, and 10 miles north of Redding city. Lake Shasta, the largest man-made reservoir in the state of California, has a surface area of 30,000 acres, a shoreline that stretches some 365 miles, and features a backdrop of rolling hills, magnificent mountain vistas, and secluded coves. And a popular destination for all kinds of water-sports, such as boating, fishing, water skiing, and swimming.

Locate Houseboat rentals in California (CA)

Houseboat Rental - Lake Shasta, Calfornia
Antlers Resort & Marina
PO Box 140
Lakehead, CA 96051
800-238-3924 or 800-238-3924
Holiday Harbor Resort
20061 Shasta Caverns Road,
O’Brien, CA 96070
800-776-2628 or 530-238-2383
Packers Bay Marina
530-275-5570 or 800-331-3137
Seven Crown Resorts
P.O Box 16247,
Irvine, CA 92623-6247
Shasta Marina Resort
18930 O’Brien Inlet Road,
Lakehead, CA 96051
1-800-959-3359 or 530-238-2284
Silverthorn Resort
PO Box 1090
Bella Vista, CA 96008
1-800-332-3044 or 530-275-1571

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