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Houseboat Rental - Florida (FL)

Houseboat rental companies in Florida (FL) - Florida Lakes: St. Johns River

The historical St. Johns River is situated in northeastern Florida, and stretches some 310 miles from the swamps of central Florida to the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville to form the longest river in the state. The freshwater of the St. Johns River is full of fish-filled species, especially the large bass. And is one of the few rivers to flow south to north, which is uncommon with large rivers.

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Houseboat Rental - St. Johns River, Florida
Holly Bluff Marina
2280 Hontoon Road,
Flordia 32720
1-800-237-5105 or 386-822-9992
River Adventures, Inc.
St. Johns River,
St. Johns River Escape
1127 Lemon Bluff Road,
Osteen, FL 32764
407-324-3677 or 1-800-669-2371

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