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Houseboat Rental - Kentucky (KY)

Houseboat rental companies in Kentucky (KY) - Kentucky Lakes: Dale Hollow Lake - Green River Lake - Kentucky Lake - Lake Barkley - Lake Cumberland

Dale Hollow Lake situated on the border between Kentucky and Tennessee. The pristine waters of Dale Hollow Lakes stretch some 65 miles, with a surface area of 27,000 acres, and surrounded by beautiful scenery. And established itself as one of the finest fishing spots as well as being a regular water sports destination, including skiing, wakeboarding, and house boating.

The beautiful Green River Lake situated in Taylor County - South Central Kentucky amidst rock bluffs and forested hills. Green River Lake offers a surface area of some 8200 acres, with miles of wooded shoreline. And offers a recreational paradise, with fishing (crappie, muskie, and largemouth bass opportunities) and water sports activities in an abundance.

Kentucky Lake is located in south-west Kentucky and Tennessee and one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the U.S. The lake connects to Lake Barkley via a canal system. The magnificent Kentucky Lake stretches some 184 miles, with a shoreline of 2350 miles, and a surface area of 160000 acres - and a major attraction for all-year fishing, boating, and other such outdoor pursuits.

Locate Houseboat rentals in Kentucky (KY)

Houseboat Rental - Green River Lake, Kentucky
Green River Marina
2892 Lone Valley Road,
Campbellsville, KY 42718
270-465-2512 or 1-800-488-2512
Holmes Bend Boat Dock, Inc.
PO Box 353
Columbia, KY 42728
Houseboat Rental - Lake Barkley, Kentucky
Green Turtle Bay Houseboats
265 Nautical Drive
Grand Rivers, KY 42045
Houseboat Rental - Dale Hollow Lake, Kentucky
Sulphur Creek Resort Inc.
3498 Sulphar Creek Rd.
Burkesville, KY 42717
Wisdom Dock
Route 2,
Box 220, Albany, KY 42602
606-387-5821 or 800-840-8523
Hendricks Creek Resort
945 Hendricks Creek Road
Burkesville, KY 42717
Houseboat Rental - Lake Cumberland, Kentucky
Waterway Adventures
Conley Bottom Resort
Route 5,
Box 5360 Monticello, KY 42633
Lake Cumberland State Dock
6365 State Park Road
Jamestown, KY 42629
888-782-8336 or 270-343-6000
Grider Hill Dock
115 Grider Hill Lodge Road
Albany, KY 42602
Indian Hills Resort
2108 Highway 1383,
Russell Springs, KY 42642
270-866-6616 or 877-363-9911
Houseboat Rental - Kentucky Lake, Kentucky
Kentucky Dam Marina
PO Box 126,
466 Marina Drive,
Gilbertsville, KY 42044

The spectacular Lake Barkley situated in western Kentucky and created by a dam on Cumberland River. Lake Barkley has a surface area of some 57900 acres, stretches 134 miles, and offers a magnificent shoreline of 1004 miles - with an abundance of year-round boating, water sports and fishing opportunities, with a thriving population of largemouth, catfish, sauger, bluegill, and crappie.

And Lake Cumberland is located in southern Kentucky and home to two state parks. The scenic Lake Cumberland has a shoreline thats stretches some 1200 miles, over 100 miles in length, and a surface area of 65000 acres. A major tourist destination and reported to be the 'House Boating Capital of the World' with an abundance of recreational and fishing opportunities.

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