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Lake Powell
View of the unique landscape at Lake Powell, Utah, with its incredibly emerald-hued waters.
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Houseboat Rental - Washington (WA)

Houseboat rental companies in Washington (WA) - Washington Lakes: Lake Roosevelt

Lake Roosevelt (Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake) situated in Washington and created by the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River. The scenic Lake Roosevelt stretches some 150 miles, with a surface area of 80000 acres, a shoreline of over 500 miles, and surrounded by the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. And established itself as a haven for outdoor activities - with boating, fishing, camping, kayaking and swimming popular choices.

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Houseboat Rental - Lake Roosevelt, Washington
Lake Roosevelt Vacations
PO Box 340,
Kettle Falls, WA 99141
800-635-7585 or 509-738-6121
RRE Houseboats
45751 SR 21 N,
Wilbur, WA 99185
Dakota Columbia
13411 Bluegrouse Lane
Spokane, WA 99224

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