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Lake Powell
View of the unique landscape at Lake Powell, Utah, with its incredibly emerald-hued waters.
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Houseboat for Rent

Houseboats for rent offers the freedom to travel and to an opportunity to explore a peaceful mountain lake. A floating home is the ideal solution to experience a fun vacation for friends or families in a tranquil setting surrounding with scenic landscapes.


There's an endless source of destinations to visit offering high quality houseboat rentals options. Lakes and rivers across the country offer a range of budget friendly to luxurious livaboards to rent out. Rental companies allow a choice of rental packages - with an option to take on a boat for three days, seven days, fourteen days or several other choices in between. It's often seen that three days is the minimum duration.

Each rental houseboat comes outfitted with an assortment of creature comforts that most renters would expect to see in their actual homes. Features fitted as standard often include private bathroom / sleeping quarters, dining - kitchen area, as well as a generous lounge area to accommodate all guests in comfort. Outside expect to witness hot tubs, party tops, and outdoor grills to entertain in the more luxurious configurations.

Houseboats are often designed to be handled by a complete novice, so it’s possible to take on a houseboat even for those lacking in boating experience. The rental companies give a quick course on handling and safety prior to setting off. Houseboats for rental offer a perfect break from the norm for those tired of a typical land lodging vacation.

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