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Lake Powell
View of the unique landscape at Lake Powell, Utah, with its incredibly emerald-hued waters.
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Lake Guntersville

Lake Guntersville is located in the state of Alabama. The beautiful Lake Guntersville has a surface area of 69,000 acres and more than 950 miles of shoreline - stretching from the Guntersville Dam to the Nickajack Dam, Tennessee.


Lake Guntersville, Alabama’s largest lake offers excellent opportunities to enjoy a houseboating vacation - in addition to fishing for largemouth bass, crappie or catfish, to camping, hunting or hiking and a variety of other recreational pursuits.

Marinas - Signal Point Marina, Browns Creek Sailing Marina, Covenant Cove Resort & Marina

Lake Guntersville Rentals - Locate houseboat rental companies located on the lake.

Nearby Attractions - Lake Guntersville State Park

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