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Pontoon Houseboats For Sale

If you are looking for a houseboat for sale, you might want to consider looking at pontoon houseboats for sale. Many people when purchasing a houseboat get a pontoon.

All a pontoon is, is a boat that has a flat-bottom or uses floats to support it on water. A pontoon houseboat is simply a house-like structure lifted and supported by a raft. The primary hull of a pontoon houseboat is made up of cylindrical tubes. They average between 12 to 80 plus feet easily. These tubes can be made from Steel, Fiberglass, Plastic, Wood, and Marine Grade Aluminum. Larger pontoon boats generally have three of these cylinders, due to the weight of the boat. The smaller size boats usually only have three.

Pontoon houseboats operate pretty easily and are safe. They require little maintenance, and best of all, are generally inexpensive. These boats can't be sunk and are generally used in lakes, bays, and rivers. Their draft is so hollow that is lessens any damages from sub-merge collisions. They are an extremely popular rental boat in the United States. They have the highest value in terms of price to capacity.

When looking at pontoon houseboats for sale, it is good to figure out what size boat is best for you. Pontoon boats range from small to large and are used in different ways.

Small pontoon boats average between 20 to 30 feet and are really nice for a quick trip during the week or weekend. This size pontoon is excellent if you are adventurous and like exploring.

If you are looking to live comfortably aboard a boat, then a medium sized pontoon boat is what you want. They range between 25 to 45 feet, and are better outfitted for cooking and sleeping.

Large pontoon boats, or "mega" boats, have become popular over the past few years. They are definitely well qualified to live in, ranging in between 40 to 75 feet.

Once you have looked over all the pontoon boats for sale and found a few to go check out, make sure you have a list of questions ready. It is important to know what to look for and what to ask when buying a pontoon houseboat for sale. Also, go ahead and list out all of your "wants and needs". Figure out what you absolutely have to have on your boat, this will save you a load of time.

Purchasing a pontoon houseboat is much different from purchasing a house or renting an apartment. Usually, most people make an inspection themselves and if they still aren't sure get a professional to give it an once-over. Feel free to do the same when considering a pontoon houseboat. If you are unsure about making a purchase, get a professional second opinion, no matter if the boat is used or new.

Once you have found a pontoon houseboat for sale that you like, go and give it a drive-by. Visit during the day and inspect it from the outside as much as you can. This can save you time, especially if it doesn't look as grand as you though it might. Also, when you meet with the owner, do not be afraid to ask questions. There are a number of pontoon houseboats for sale, so take the time to find the one right for you.

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