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Pre-Owned Houseboats For Sale

Ok, so you have been thinking about purchasing a houseboat for a while now, and the time has come to look for the houseboat that will really fulfill your needs. Of course, you start looking at new houseboats and find that it really is not in your budget to buy a brand new houseboat.

You have to rule out building your own houseboat to, because you just don’t have the time to start from scratch. So, your next option is looking at preowned houseboats for sale.

Now, I’m am sure that you have heard about people who have put their entire life savings into a preowned houseboat for sale, and it ended up being a huge mistake. They find out that their houseboat has a ton of problems under the surface, which would cost thousands to fix. To save yourself from making the same mistake, here are a few tips that can save your hard-earned cash and time.

Preowned houseboats for sale ads sometimes skim on the truth or only tell you half of the details. Though buying a preowned houseboat can be a favorable opportunity, you want to be well prepared. It is immensely important that you know what to look for in houseboats, and what questions to ask. If you are prepared your time and money won’t be wasted, and your purchase will be one that you are confident with.

One of the first, and most important, things to ask the owner of the houseboat you are interested in, is for Liens and Title of the vessel. You want to make sure that the owner has a of the necessary ownership papers in full. Make sure you get the owner to verify in writing that there are no liens on the houseboat.

Take the houseboat out on a test drive. The same as buying a car, houseboats can go on Sea trials. It is the perfect opportunity to see how the boat handles and functions. The owner should not have any problems with this.

This is extremely important if you are looking and are going to buy any second hand or used houseboats for sale. Make sure you get a Marine Survey! You don’t buy a house without getting it inspected and it’s the same for houseboats. Your bank and insurance company will most likely ask for a Marine Survey.

When you go to look at your houseboat, take time to inspect the boat. Really pay attention to small details such as, carpet, lighting, and paint. Also, make sure you check the roof for any weak spots and the hull for any rust. If you aren’t sure what you should be looking for, there a quite a few free checklists online just for houseboats.

There are plenty of people who are willing to travel considerable distances to go look at a houseboat. In some cases the potential buyer will get there only to find out that the houseboat has sank or been bought. Make sure you contact the owners before hand and ask if the boat is still on the market, has had a collision, or sunk.

A last great tip is neighbors. If you have a chance, speak to the neighbors of the houseboat owner. This can help you get a little history of the houseboat in question.

Preowned houseboats for sale are logical as long as you play it smart and get the details.

Pre-Owned Houseboats Articles
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