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Queensland Houseboats

The Queensland Coast in Australia offers some of the most spectacular sights in the world. What a better way to enjoy this beauty but on Queensland Houseboats, that are self contained for your comfort and luxury.

From the sunny Gold Coast, all the way up to the Great Barrier Reef, breathe taking adventure on a Houseboat. Most of these liveaboards are two bedrooms and come with multiple floors. Some are privately owned. Then you have your vacation boats. In addition you will find Queensland Houseboats that are used for renting.

Most of the boats can hold 4 to 12 people. These Houseboats have the features that will meet your every expectation and often self contained. The whole point is you want to feel right at home. Regardless, of what type of boating activity you prefer, be it fishing or just simply cruising, houseboat options along the Queensland coast will have you covered.

Whether you rent one of these floating homes for a few days or for a week, they have all the comforts of home at your fingertips. They have the fly bridge on the roof, and walkway all the way around. They come with BBQ Grills and color televisions. FM/CD Stereo, microwave ovens, fridge, stove, and comfortable sleeping quarters. You have heating and air, hot and cold running water and all the electrical outlets you can hope for.

All of the above mentioned options to make your visit to Australia’s Queensland Coast the best vacation you have ever taken. There are no less than seven stops along the coast where you can rent Queensland Houseboats. You can get motorized Pontoon styles or you can get Full Hull Houseboats. They have Catamarans as well.

The Queensland Coast in Australia offers so much, in so many ways, that it is the vacation destination. If you have always wanted to take a vacation into the Land Down Under, and to spend the time of your life on one of the great Queensland liveaboards, there is no better time than now.

Go on line, take into consideration what you will expect out of your Houseboat, then reserve yours and explore Queensland. Cruise along the Coomera River and explore the Great Sandy Straits. Do it all on Queensland Houseboats.

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