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View of the unique landscape at Lake Powell, Utah, with its incredibly emerald-hued waters.
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Small Trailerable Houseboats

If you have never been on a small trailerable houseboat, then you don’t know what you are missing. Although, they may seem compact in size compared to some of the larger houseboats on the market, they are still a wonder to behold.

Small trailerable houseboats can range anywhere from 3,500 to 9000 pounds. This size boat can be easily transported with a SUV or a pickup.

Usually, these houseboats are designed to be easy to maintain. The outboard engines normally range from around 40 to 140hp. Depending on what size motor you decide upon, you will have not trouble getting where you want to go in a hurry. These small, live on boats, come in many different designs, and come with all the luxuries of home. These boats will have hot and cold water, electrical outlets and a bathroom with a shower.

You will also have FM/CD Stereo, table and chairs, sofa, fridge, sink and stove. You even have a comfortable little sleeping quarter area. Now, obviously, the smaller sized floating home is not going to be good for a big family. However, for a couple, who wants to spend romantic nights on the water, it is perfect.

These small boats come with an amazing amount of storage space. They are designed not to waste any available space. They are really more spacious then what you might think. In addition, these liveaboards are economically accessible. These boats are good for fishing or many other boating activities.

Like with any product, there are pro’s and con’s. Let's discuss some of the good points first. For one thing, these boats are lightweight. This, in turn, makes them very easy to tow. As mentioned earlier, they are also reasonably priced. Perhaps the best point of all, they are typically east to maintain. This will normally depend on the type of material used to build your boat. Fiberglass holds up the best.

Now, for the drawbacks. As earlier mentioned, they are not for large families. Compared to some of the larger boats, they are limited in features. Another drawback is that you will not find many used models for sale. Other then that, these boats are a true winner.

If you are looking for your first houseboat, you should certainly check out one of those small trailerable houseboats. Take to the sea, in one of these floating RV’s. You just might be glad that you did.

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