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Trailable Houseboats

If you are looking at houseboats, but you don’t want anything to permanent, consider a trailable houseboat. What the heck is a trailable houseboat? Well, it’s pretty much what its name suggests, a houseboat that can be brought on land and towed by your vehicle.

Many people ask “what’s the point of having a houseboat if you are just going to bring it on land?” Trailable houseboats are actually great for that quick family getaway you are looking for. For those who want to spend a weekend on the water, but don’t want to spend a fortune to rent a houseboat every time, a houseboat that can be taken on the road is perfect. They offer a great combination of functionality and style, and only a few select have taken advantage of them.

Trailable houseboats aren’t too huge in size and weight, which is why they are so easy to transport and handle. These houseboats can weigh between 3,500 to 9,000 pounds, give or take a few thousand. Their length ranges between 20ft to 30ft. Since these houseboats are pretty light, you can tow them with a small truck.

Because these houseboats are smaller than the average houseboat, the engines differ a little. The best engine to use in one of these is the Outboard engine. Outboards are easy to maintain, with the 4 strokes being clean and great on fuel. Other common brands used are Mercury, Honda, Yamaha, and Evinrude. These brands range between 40 and 150 horsepower. You can choose and engine that will make you fly across the water of just take it slow and steady.

I am sure you are wondering who builds these things. A couple popular manufacturers are Nomad and Travelwave. Other common brands that can be found are Catamaran Cruisers and Adventure Craft. Each manufacture also uses a variety of materials to build these houseboats. Materials including steel, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum are used. Every manufacturer makes sure to make a houseboat that is safe and fun to use.

These trailable crafts are excellent for small families. There is plenty of space and storage, with features that are great for different kinds of boating. Whether you just want to go fishing or travel and explore, these boats are great for a spur of the moment getaway.

Depending on your budget, plans, needs, and goals can help you decide what kind of houseboat you should get. Buying a used or new trailable houseboat depends on the circumstances, and you should allow yourself to do plenty of research when considering too purchase one.

Trailable houseboats are the perfect answer to someone who wants a weekend on the water. Unfortunately, these houseboats aren’t the best for large families, which should be considered when purchasing one. There is also a small market of them, so finding one may take some time. But, these houseboats are worth it. Trailable boats take little maintenance and are extremely easy to tow around. They offer a unique and different way to travel.

Trailerable Houseboats Articles
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