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Lake Powell
View of the unique landscape at Lake Powell, Utah, with its incredibly emerald-hued waters.
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Houseboat Plans Articles

Locate a series of houseboat building plans for Sale. Split into the following categories: Length -16',18',20',23', 24',25',28',29',32',33',36', &40' -Pontoon Houseboat Plans -Stitch & Glue Boat Kits -Trailerable Houseboat Plans -Plywood Boat Plans - Or view the entireHouseboat Plans directory.

A multitude of self-build houseboat plans & kits are available at various sources. Houseboat plans & patterns come in a choice of construction methods & build materials, such as plywood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. In addition, it's possible to locate a selection of wood or fiberglass kits, study plans, and a wealth of info. on boat building techniques & methods at the same time.

Locate Houseboat Plans

Houseboat Plans
Houseboat construction plans on 'Building Your Own Houseboat' in a variety of designs, styles and building materials (aluminium, fiberglass, plywood...continue
DIY Houseboat Plans
DIY houseboat plans today are easy and reliable. Plus, there are thousands of them, offering something for every person. If it is your first time building...continue
Free Houseboat Plans
Houseboats come in many different designs. You can get them in pontoons, catamaran, full hull, or planning hull. In addition, they come in many...continue
Houseboat Plans
Building your own houseboat, allows you to be creative. You can give your houseboat its own personality and design it however you wish...continue
Pontoon Houseboat Plans
Glen-L Marine Designs – offers houseboat plans for the 28' – 40' Mark Twain Pontoons – Built in Plywood. All models consist of a lightweight design...continue
Houseboat Building Plans
If in search of a houseboat it can often be difficult to locate a live aboard that's able to match a specific set of requirements in related to the overall cost...continue

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